the "unread" marker issue

i figure this has come up before, but i'd like to note that it is frustrating to reply to something on a page and lose all of the *** reminders of what i haven't read on that page.

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Would a greasemonkey script work?

You could write a greasemonkey script to, on page load, save all posts to a reading queue. Optionally, you could hide previously read posts. You could re-prioritize the queue on demand to progressively empty the queue as you read things.

GreaseMonkey hook

here is the hook you need:

<a id="comment-53507"></a>
<div class="comment">
<h3 class="title"><a href="node/3748#comment-53507" class="active">Would a greasemonkey script work?</a> <span class="marker">***</span></h3>

Just use Regex in the greasemonkeyscript to capture the block.


i have tried greasemonkey before and not had it work well for me (i am the midas touch when it comes to breaking things, i should really have just been a tester instead of a developer) but i might get up the gumption to try it again.