Colorful dominoes game hides an exercise in propositional logic

Dominoes on Acid is a game superficially similar to the classic dominoes game. You get tiles with patterns on each end, and you can connect the ends of two tiles only when they show the same pattern. But instead of the standard two-color tiles spots, the tiles in Dominoes on Acid have (sometimes very complex) multi-colored patterns. Spoiler about 'proof in classical propositional logic' on authors site:

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Wang Tiles?

Not sure what the LTU content is in this, and the linked page crashes my Firefox. But the description above sounds like it's related to Wang Tiles.

Not similar

The tiles encode purely implicational formula (well, with red representing absurdity), and can be arbitrarily complex. There is no connection to tiling with these "acid dominoes".

Wang Tiles is topology

Wang Tiles is topology algorithm but Dominoes is decoration for
proving tautology in logic.

Workaround for Firefox - take a JAR from

There is concise walktrough in the help menu.
If i may suggest, follow it to the explanation of Level 22.
It is proof of Pierce Law:


Most probably you will like it.