see history of things i started (vs. commented on)?

i'm looking for an old discussion but can't find it, i think i could better find it if i could restrict results by the name of the starter of the topic. but i don't see a way to do that?

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Clicking on the user name

Clicking on the user name and then the "track" tab allows you to see all the posts a user contributed. Hope this helps.


Using Google in conjunction with is very useful as well. I use that as much as anything else.

Live Search Advanced Macros

Windows Live Search allows you to create your own search operators via composing searches. This lets me seamlessly search the LtU angelfire archive and domain.

The HUGE downside is Microsoft creates ugly websites, and has no aesthetically pleasing sense whatsoever when it comes to designing products for the Web.

edit: my major gripe with LtU is that on the Track screen, sorting doesn't work... but I can live without it.

thanks, no luck

i had already tried what everybody suggested (minus windows live search), and i still couldn't find it. there doesn't seem to be a way to see only those discussions a given person started, you have to wade through any sort of post they ever made. i'm guessing the feature just doesn't exist in drupal? c'est la vie :)


If you go to the person, click on the name, you can see his track?

yes but

the list of posts is everything, not just the "foundational" posts by that person.

sort by author is not working.

You should be able to see the posts authored by the user clumped together but doesn't look like sorting works. It still sorts by last post. A drupal bug?

It's probably our bug.

It's probably our bug. The tracker we're using is actually a custom-migrated version of an older Drupal tracker - more recent Drupal trackers don't summarize comments they way ours does - see e.g., it just lists topics that have new comments, not individual comments.

I'll see if the sort can be fixed. That might address raould's request.

Another approach would be to use the power of social networking and just describe the story being searched for...


i had posted something that ended up bringing up multiple dispatch, and D. Barbour said he thought MD was not the be-all end-all, and i wanted to go back and read what he wrote, and to pontificate in light of predicate dispatch.

basically, i want to know what The Answer is to dispatch and the expression problem. (yes, i've read several things about it and don't like most of them e.g. Scala's approach or Clojure's, hence i'm wondering if MD or PD is on the whole a better way to go.)

Could it have been this post?

Could it have been this post?

thanks, nope

unfortunately not, it is an earlier post. i scrolled back through my "track" for many pages and didn't find it. so either i dreamed it, or i'm crazy, or it is just too old now. :-)