Qi4J released: OO done right?

Apparently Qi4J has been released (Qi4J was previously noted very briefly on LtU here).

Qi4j is a significant step forward for the Java platform, with its focus on Domain Driven Design and support for the Data-Context-Interactionexternal link paradigm that is currently being worked on by Trygve Reenskaug as a way to revive object-orientation.

See the tutorials to get a feel for it, I guess.

So, with the understanding that algorithms should define roles for collaborating objects, and objects should then implement these in order to participate in these algorithms, it should be trivial to realize that what has passed for OOP so far, in terms of "class oriented programming", where this role-focus of objects is difficult to achieve, if not even impossible, is just plain wrong. I mean seriously, catastrophically, terminally wrong.