Lunascript (Industrial FRPish PL for web apps)

Lunascript, our in-house language for writing great web apps:

Inspired by incremental computing, we're building Lunascript as a simple way to write modern web applications. Lunascript has a syntax and easy of use reminiscent of JavaScript, but a powerful pure-functional lazily-evaluated semantics historically confined to academic languages.

A Lunascript application specifes a data model and a function from the model to the view or user interface, annotated with handler functions from user inputs to model mutations. From this the Lunascript compiler produces a functioning Web2.0 application -- the client-side JavaScript, the server-side SQL, and everything in between -- complete with real-time bidirectional data synchronization.

I'll have to wait for more info on this definitely interesting project, but right now I'm a bit sceptical, as this seems to throw REST out the window.