purposeful retrograde language design

Objective Modula-2 is apparently meant to let people do development for Apple devices without having to use the unsafer Objective C language. The creators explicitly wanted a language that was a little bit less advanced.

The reason why Modula-2 was chosen as a base language over other Pascal family languages is also very simple. Since the heavy lifting in the new language will be done using the Smalltalk derived object model and Cocoa or GNUstep, there is no need for any advanced features in the base language. Consequently, the ideal candidate for the base language would be a small language which lacks the features that will be added by the Smalltalk derived object system.

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Uppercase keywords

I fear that uppercase keywords inherited from Modula-2 will hamper its adoption by a modern audience. Far too shouty.


that was the first thing which struck me when i went to look at the code samples. i don't understand how people in the new millennium can make the mistake of using 50s style SYSTEMNAMES.

Modula-2 small?

What're these guys smoking? Modula-2 is a fat pig compared to Oberon... Pulease!