Do you know of any good summer schools on types/programming languages for 2010?

Hello all,

I am currently looking for good international summer schools with a focus on programming language theory and design. I'm a new PhD student, so I don't really know where to start looking other than a few recommendations from my supervisor. The best we have found so far seems to be the Oregon Programming Languages Summer School:

This may be the wrong place to ask, but given the diversity of the community here I thought there may be a few academics or other PhD students who may be able to give me some pointers, at least to places where I can start looking. Is there any such thing as a directory of summer schools that anyone knows of?

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This research area isn't

This research area isn't that big, so there won't generally be many different summer schools. The one you link to is part of a well-established series that is pretty consistently well-liked by the community. Personally, I certainly recommend it.


The Midlands Graduate School offers introduction and intermediate courses on various programming language theory topics:

But the MGS isn't a summer school, but a spring school.

I attended last year, and my complaint was that the advanced and introductory courses on the same topic were held at the same time. If the same happens this year, then you can use the school to broaden knowledge of the field and deepen one or two areas you are already familiar with. Which is, fairly enough, one of its goals. (I was hoping for a kick-start of a few selected topics --- which it never aspired to do.)


Thanks for the responses so far guys. I'm fairly certain I'll request to go to the Oregon summer school - the Midlands Graduate School is at a bad time for me, so perhaps I can keep that in mind for next year.