PLaSM - functional language for computing with geometry

I found this looking in Eclipse plug-ins:

PLaSM, the Programming LAnguage for Symbolic Modeling
is a ``design language", developed by the CAD Group at the Universities of Roma ``La Sapienza" and ``Roma Tre" [PS92,PPV95].

The language is strongly inFLuenced by FL. With few sintactical differences, it can be considered a geometric extension of a FL subset.

Also, the current PLaSM implementation is open-source and based on PLT Scheme.

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Xah Lee

Xah Lee does interesting functional geometry with Mathematica. You can download his code to compare notes, or just look at the pretty pictures.

This find is sweet.

FL connection is interesting

I ran into PLaSM maybe three years ago, when I tried to track down everything I could on Backus's FL. There are only a couple of sources of information on the web. I'd be curious to know the connection between the PLaSM authors and FL. Maybe one of them worked on the FL project at IBM?