OCaml programming at MyLife

We think it may be of interest to LtU readers and we got Ehud's blessing, so here is our job posting, infomercial-style.

Our team has built a people search engine in OCaml starting in 2006 at Wink.com. An acquisition later we are more than 5 OCaml programmers and we are looking for more people who share our passion.

In a nutshell, our duties consist in collecting, ingesting and indexing a growing collection of about a billion records from a variety of public sources, and then serving those records in volume with low latency. This represents a large amount of data of heterogeneous content and quality. Doing smart and useful things with such data requires a bit of imagination and good programmers, but also tools that allow us to combine expressiveness and high performance. We find that the OCaml language and its libraries offers a good balance between the two, and we don't have to switch to lower-level languages when we need high performance.

We would love to get in touch with programmers interested in the intensive use of functional programming. We are located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Mountain View and we are always open to meeting new people either informally or for traditional job interviews. Feel free to contact me privately or to send your resume to the hiring manager.