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Hi! I have just finished supervising a student whose thesis was about the impact of modeling the logic of a videogame with various approaches: oo imperative, oo immutable, functional immutable and functional monadic.

I was wondering if anyone here could suggest a conference where we could submit this kind of work :)

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I don't know...

...but I'd really like to read it. (I was very interested in James Hague's "Purely Functional Retrogames" series.)


count me in.

I am highly interested too.

Those results in the reply to my comment just made me more curious.

Is it too much to ask...

...what approach scored most points in such a match?

Well, mutable C# is clearly

Well, mutable C# is clearly the fastest in a sequential program.

Immutable C# and immutable F# are slower sequentially but much faster when you add parallel updates and draws of the game state (mutable state requires lots of nasty locks).

Monadic F# is slowest, but can run in parallel (though it gains less than the immutable versions).

In terms of lines of code, the order is roughly the opposite with respect to speed :) . Makes me wonder if we don't need better optimizing compilers!

Journal: Empirical Software Engineering ?

journal home page.

As far as conferences go, that's tougher. I think it depends on the actual results! It's too late for this year's SPLASH (used to be OOPSLA). Whether the software engineers (ICSE) or the programming languages people (POPL) would most appreciate the paper will really depend on what you have to say.