hot topics in type theorem

Hi all!

Please guide me to actual hot topics in type theorem, what is researched heavily nowadays? Which are the good online and offline sources of publications in this field?

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Look at the papers presented at recent PL conferences.

CMU maintains a list.


I would add ICFP and TLDI to the top of the list. Remove PLDI - when it comes to type theory it is mostly irrelevant these days.

I would list the following

To me the following are hot topic in type-theory research.

  • Types for concurrency, (e.g. session types, channel types).
  • More expressive typing systems (e.g. refinement types, dependent types) and their integration with other forms of specification and verification (Hoare logic, interactive theorem proving, contracts).
  • Integration of static and dynamic typing (e.g. gradual typing, hybrid typing).
  • Types that are useful for meta-programming (e.g. environment classifiers).