2010 APL Programming Contest is Open

Dyalog Ltd (a vendor of APL systems) has launched the second edition of our annual APL Programming Contest last week. If you are a student, here is a chance to earn some cash by learning a new programming language. If you are not a student, there are "referral prizes" equal to the actual prizes, so pass it on!

This year, the contest is sponsored by Fiserv (US), Simcorp (Denmark), APL Italiana (Italy) and Dyalog Ltd. as well as several individuals and companies who have chosen to remain anonymous.

There are 26 cash prizes to be won by students with an equivalent number of introduction awards - totalling US$ 15,000 (up from 11,000 last year).

The First Prize winner can look forward to $2,500 plus round trip travel from anywhere in the world to the APL 2010 Conference in Berlin Germany on September 13-16 2010.

Additionally, the people or organisations that introduce the winning students to the contest will receive the same dollar prizes - and they need not be students to make the introduction.

The deadline for submission is Noon UTC, July 18 2010.

For more information on the programming contest, rules and submission of entries, see:


... and/or join the Facebook group "Dyalog Programming Contest" to receive updates while the contest is running.

Good Luck!

Morten Kromberg,
CTO, Dyalog Ltd.