The Glasgow Haskell Compiler and LLVM

The Glasgow Haskell Compiler and LLVM

I believe this has been discussed earlier, but I just stumbled upon this blog entry, which concisely describes the bits and pieces of the GHC LLVM backend. It is good to read that it will be worked further on that (GSoC & MSR internship).

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Let me use this opportunity

Let me use this opportunity to remind everyone that we always appreciate people stepping up and volunteering to become contributing editors.

Hidden Process

To become a contributing editor, we currently need to step outside the LtU forum. I've posted two or three topics that could be front-page material, but I'm not going far out of my way to put them there. Perhaps you should promote people yourself when you see them posting front-page worthy material. [meant as reply to Ehud]

I agree

I completely agree with you.