Mostly this site deals with issues directly related to programming languages, and programming language research. However, we allow ourselves moderate forays to bordering issues like programmability and language in general.

Creating a FAQ for Lambda The Ultimate (LtU) has proved elusive, so please lurk a bit to get the hang of things and read the policies document before posting for the first time.

Your contributions are welcome, in the form of questions, announcements etc. However, abusive or off-topic posts will be deleted immediately. This is a service for professonals only. Keep in mind that the site is mostly for the discussion of home page items posted by contributing editors (i.e., it's a group blog).

LtU includes many members who study programming languages daily for years, either in academia or in industry settings. Unfounded generalizations about programming languages are usually frowned on. If you feel you lack the theoretical foundation required in order to follow some of the more advanced discussion threads or a lack of knowledge regarding existing programming language research results, our Getting Started discussion might provide useful pointers. It is much better to ask specific questions, if something seems unclear, than to raise unfounded generalizations based on incomplete knowledge and be considered a troll.

If you have a specific programming problem in some language then I suggest you go to a forum dedicated to the language or tool you are using.

This weblog is dedicated to the study of general properties of programming languages and not to language specific programming tips.

If you want to answer a language or tool specific programming problem posted to the LtU discussion group - don't post here; send email.

New users should read the the LtU policies document which provides general guidelines about what is and is not appropriate for LtU, both in terms of subject matter and user behavior.

More guidance regarding what is considered appropriate behavior on this site can be found in this thread. Keep in mind that LtU is a community site and regular and respected members are expected to let posters know when their posts violate the spirit of LtU. If you receive responses of this sort, it is firmly suggested that you review your contribution, and accept that your style of discussion or choice of topic may be inappropriate for this site. Rest assured that this community moderation will not be used casually. In the unlikely chance that you feel this happens, and this somehow goes unnoticed by the community at large, feel free to let me know how you feel and any other concerns you might have.

I'd be happy to have many folks contributing to the site, so if you read LtU regularly, participate in the discussion group and are interested in becoming a contributing editor and posting items to the homepage - just let me know.

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