Memory Pool System back from the dead

The MPS is a memory management system that was developed at Harlequin, and that was subsequently open-sourced. However, it never had much documentation or support, and looked - to my eyes at least - just a tad forbidding.

Anyway, on their (Ravenbrook's - the current "owners") mailing list I've just received notice that they've employed someone to support this project (I guess they have a commerical customer). From the email:

A few obvious things that are high up on our list are measuring the MPS and making the MPS more usable for other people's projects. We'll also be looking at integration with some well-known languages, such as Perl, Python, etc. If you have anything to say about these topics, please tell us.

Nothing seems to be on the site yet, but I thought some people here might be interested.

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Why the forum

and not the homepage?!

why the forum

i didn't think it was good enough for the home page - there was no real link (i couldn't find an archive of the mailing list and their site hasn't been updated).

OK then

Just asking ;-)