OSCON 2010 Emerging Languages Camp

Read some reviews of Alex Payne's OSCON two-day meet-up:

Ola Bini, Day 1

Ola Bini, Day 2

Bob Nystrom: What I Learned at ELC

Chris Laffra: Emerging Languages Camp at OSCON 2010

Dean Wampler: OSCON: Emerging Languages Camp

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I was there

I was there, it was good :)


Some of the comments below the article really make me cringe :(
It's no wonder we're still stuck in the dark ages...

Videos online

Videos from the event are starting to show up online.

Alas, no Finch

Unfortunately, it seems that my (most useless) talk on Finch isn't on the list.

This link is now broken

Apparently they have misconfigured Apache and their whole site is down. Does anybody know if the videos are available elsewhere?

Server down

They just tweeted that the site's down temporarily. Hopefully it'll be back soon.

Server is back up

The server is back up and they have just added Adam Chlipala's Ur presentation. Wish the slides were available too.