It's been ten years!

It has been ten years since LtU was launched. When I launched it I had no idea if anyone will read the site, let alone if people contribute new stories. The result exceeded my wildest hopes.

I got into the habit of writing a few words every year, a kind of "state of lambda" post. Somehow, this feels inappropriate for the ten year anniversary. I will possibly post something about last year later this week, but let's take a moment to celebrate our first ten years.

There are a lot of things that can be said, and a few things that perhaps should be said. I personally will say little. The thread is open.

For my part, I just want to thank all those how contributed to LtU over the years, whether by submitting new stories, by participating in the discussion, or with help with administrative and hosting issues. Some, of course, helped with any and all tasks.

It is great to see that some members that have been with LtU from its early years are still here. Some members that left have come back, and those that decided to move on to other things are still part of the ethos of LtU, as well as the archives, as we move towards the future.

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Happy Birthday LtU!

Hip hip hooray!


Happy Birthday! It looks like there are about 9102 user accounts (by searching for the largest (, and about 5716 articles posted ( == 4025 + == 1691). I wonder how many individual comments there have been.

Happy birthday LTU

Happy birthday, from me too !! :-)
Keep it up!

By my count

Happy Birthday LtU!

I get 6163 threads and 64,138 posts.

(Note: ftp not functional from my work, so I haven't updated the individual user links of late).

Account numbers are

Account numbers are misleading. There are many spam accounts, and other junk. It would be interesting to know how many active members there are, actually. (Say members who accessed the site in the past year.)

Total accounts are also misleading

Because people like Carl Hewitt have three different accounts, because when they can't remember their password and want to post something they just sign up a new account.

This leads me to make some LtU 10th anniversary humor:

  • How smart you are is in proportion to how many accounts you have (give yourself 5 points for each account after the first one)
  • How smart you are is in proportion to how often you reply to the general thread instead of the correct subthread (give yourself 1 point each time you do this)

+1 for no link

  • +1 if you paste in the URL as plain text, rather than creating a href link.


The good thing about this one, is that people can make themselves much smarter by writing a script to replace the anchors in all their old posts by raw urls.


Congratulations, 10 years is quite a milestone. By the way does the name come from "The Little LISPer"?

What's in a name?

Happy Birthday!

... and Cheers for ten more!

Thanks Ehud!

Thanks for starting this website! I've learned so much from it, not just from the articles referenced but also from the high-quality discussions that take place here.

Cheers to 10 years of

Cheers to 10 years of learning!

Keep it going!

I learned a lot about,... my vast ignorance on that website! Congratulations and keep up the good work.

This Site Rocks!

You guys drive a crazy amount of traffic to my blog, "Chasing Men Who Stare at Arrays" I can hardly contain my enthusiasm! Happy Birthday and Thank you.

Lambda the Ultimate...

...makes me feel like I'm not nuts after all.

Well, OK... it makes me feel like I'm not alone in being nuts. :-)

Thanks for 10 years of information, arguments, patience, and group therapy, guys.

Happy birthday LtU!

Happy birthday LtU!

At the risk of being redundant...

Happy Birthday, LTU! Thank you, Ehud! Best wishes for a few more decades of lambdas, beta (releases), pi (calculus), alpha (conversion), deltas on our understanding, and aleph null posts!

Belated happy birthday!

Ehud, LtU is one of the best sites on the entire net. Great content, very high-level discussion, it's just fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work!

Many happy continuations!!

(Sound better than 'returns' in this context.)

Let's hope...

...undelimited. :-)

Congratulations and Thank You!!

Congrats on 10 years and thank you for providing such a valuable resource for the pl community. As a lurker and occasional poster, I've learned a great deal from ltu over the years.