Articles on deforestation of functional array/vector/matrix operations in a strict language

Also happy to receive articles on deforestation of List operations in a strict language. (I've turned up SPJ's article on "easy" foldr based deforestation of Haskell's list routines).

FYI, my *general* motivation is to support within a language a family of sequence and matrix collections in a manner more-or-less "co-equal" (speed/space efficiency of operators) to the commonplace use of operators on Lists and (lazy) zLists: fixed length arrays, variable length (grow-able, mutable) vectors, Strings, and multidimensional matrices.

As always, many thanks in advance!


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single assignment C

I would look into the papers published by the SAC group.

Thank you! That is a place I

Thank you! That is a place I would not have thought to look.