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Being frustrated by constantly having to use google or wikipedia to look for translations of mathematical terms from CS literature either from English to German or vice-versa I wonder if there isn't some (online) dictionary that is comprehensive enough to be consistently useful for writing CS papers in any of the two languages mentioned while having some of the source material and vocabulary only available in one of them. The ideal solution would be to have a dictionary that also gives some context or usage for a term. In this regard wikipedia is sometimes very useul although sometimes the quality of either the German or the English article (rarely both) leaves something to be desired. Maybe some of you are in a similar position and have found a better way of dealing with it than I have?

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Elsevier's Dictionary of

Elsevier's Dictionary of Computer Science: In English, German, French and Russian might be what you are looking for. I have no idea, though. I just googled "computer science dictionary" and dug for a bit.

You can also...

...try asking this question on MathOverflow.

Buy a few Books?

I have a few books on ranging topics in CS in both English and German. (Mind you, I am Dutch, never written a word in German on a CS subject.)