On the menu bar along the top of the screen available in the skins like marvin_2k: Quick Quotes is incorrectly spelled "Quick Qoutes".

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Given the wide dirth covered by the English language spelling as you speak, as was its practice before typography, would create mutually incomprehensible spelling dialects. As a Californian, it would be difficult for me to read a novel by someone from, say, northern England, and probably impossible to read something written by a South African. It makes it a pain to learn, but like C++, once you master its seemingly nonsensical rationale, you can write portable . . . words.

Strange. I thought this was

Strange. I thought this was fixed ages ago. I am not sure where wrong spelling is coming from - I'll look around...

[admin] Spelling spammer

One person posting in this thread was doing so to promote his web page about English spelling. After his third post repeating the same things with the same links (complete with SEO kewords in the tags), I have unpublished the posts in question.

Yes. I think this thread

Yes. I think this thread should die anyway.