A book on Racket?

A book on the Racket programming language Is being proposed by a potential author. He would 'greatly appreciate answers to this survey:'

He dropped this link on reddit and 'Ask HN' looking for feedback, but I'm keen on the idea myself, and I thought post it as the readers here would have read a PL book or two.

He is also tracking the forums:
• Ask HN: Would you like to see a book on Racket?
• Interested in Racket? Want to see a book on it? Fill out this survey.

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My 2 cents:Do you want a

My 2 cents:

Do you want a book by Noel describing his cool hacks? Hell, yeah!
Do you want a 30BP book on Racket? You gotta be kidding me.

More than 2c

Ehud you tightwad, don't your hands reach your pockets? To get that price I just looked up a random Java book on Amazon.com and .co.uk and that was (approximately) the list price. If I was to write a book I'd finetune it before release. I haven't bought that sort of programming book in a long time, so I don't know the current prices.

Insulting your audience? Bad

Insulting your audience? Bad form.

Anyway, the main point of my message was not about the price but about the framing of the subject.

I see; I didn't get that

I see; I didn't get that when I read the message. But yeah, good point. I was joking, BTW. Sorry if I offended you.

I was joking too, of course.

I was joking too, of course.

Do you think that's too

Do you think that's too little or too much?

Is this a question for me?

Is this a question for me? And are you referring to the price or the contents?!

Greenspun's 9th

This may have been mentioned on Reddit or HN already, but I'm too lazy to check…

Greenspun's Ninth:

Life is short. How could I justify working on a tech book when I could be aspiring to if not actually creating art?