J language source to be released under GPLv3

Iverson's array-language follow-on to APL is soon to be released under the GPLv3 licence!
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Very welcome news!

I have found that J and related languages enable (and teach) a very powerful way of thinking about computation as holistic functional operations on multidimensional arrays. While one can write such code in any language (especially lazy functional languages) it is much easier to learn and internalize that model inside of a language which supports it so consistently. J is also quite magical for doing quick analyses of complex data - IMNSHO it leaves scripting and rapid prototyping languages in the dust. It can also be the ultimate write-only language if you don't follow clear conventions! :-)

I can't believe

...that I forgot to link to Ehud's J FAQ.

I am quite amazed that this

I am quite amazed that this still exists...


The source can be downloaded from here:
http://jsoftware.com/source.htm. And there is a mailing list for discussion of issues related to compiling the source.