Modern Eiffel

A draft description of Modern Eiffel is online now.

The key features:

- Integration of functional and imperative programming into one language (in a
similar manner as scala)

- Variable and routines with limited scope

- Richer types (e.g. immutable types) and type inference

- Completely type safe

- Assertions can be statically verified

- Powerful concurrency

Modern Eiffel

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Missing (-)

In your example of mandatory semicolons, you replace

a=b -x<y (z+a)=x


a=b; x<y; (z+a)=x

The latter inadvertently (I assume) omits the (-) before x.

That is a typo. It should

That is a typo. It should read

a=b; -x<y; (z+a)=x

Thanks for the comment.