Nemerle 1.0 released

"Today (May 13, 2011) Nemerle 1.0 is released." It is a CLR/.net language. Nemerle supports FP, OO, COP, DOP, MP, LOP and probably -- just like any programming language -- some four-letter words now and then. :-) I can only dream of cloning myself to have enough free time to use Nemerle with Unity3D.

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Looks like a very impressive

Looks like a very impressive language and piece of software! The 1.0 release doesn't feature a menu item for a repl or other simple Nemerle editor/evaluator. I have installed Sharp Develop, but I'm completely new to both Nemerle and Sharp Develop mechanics and after lots of Googling, I still for the life of me cannot figure out how I might setup Sharp Develop with Nemerle support. Any help greatly appreciated, as I'd love to put Nemerle through its paces on a few problems. I'm also wondering if there are detailed instructions for Linux/Mono setup.

Many Thanks!

-- Scott

no luck on my end

here i'm trying mono mac os x ha ha ha ha no actually i'm crying. my experience with mono in general is that it is a big freaking con game. oh well. virtual box on mac os x running win7 and vs2010 is painfully freaking slow, so i can't even yet report if it all works there. (the nemerle vs2010 plug in did seem to let me create basic nemerle projects, at any rate, but when running them i got errors maybe because dotnet4 wasn't properly installed yet. have i ever mentioned how much i dislike computers?)