Javascript x86 interpreter runs Linux in a browser.

This might be a bit off topic but as it is a interpeter of x86 code i thought it might be of some interrest to you all. I also know that many of you like JavaScript. First link is to the page explaining how it works, second link is to the actual "emulator"


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Portrait of a Super Productive Programmer

a short portrait of Fabrice Bellard.

and another from ACM Journal.

That's what progress looks

That's what progress looks like.

A previous co-worker came up

A previous co-worker came up with another fun one: compile C/C++ to Flash, support the posix API, and you get Python etc. for free in the browser. As a perk, you also get to play Quake!

Chrome fail

Under Chrome for Windows, I don't get past "Freeing unused kernel memory."

Bug reports for a piece of

Bug reports for a piece of software would probably be of better use if they are reported at the correct place. There are limits to this implementation, and they are explained in the introductory text written by the author at the first link i posted. I have successfully used the emulator in Chrome under both windows xp and Vista.

Definitely. Progress brought

Definitely. Progress brought by most, most thorough work.