Yet another take on actors in Scala

Apparently, along the way of building AgileWiki, the main author decided to do some work on actors in Scala. [that page has a toc that goes to other pages, that isn't the whole document on one page.] I guess because there just aren't enough, what with the original Scala actors library, the Akka library. But in particular this vein is about figuring out how to blend shared state (actor mail boxes) when things are sufficiently ascynchronous vs. when to avoid shared state when things are synchronous. It feels in a distant hand-wavy way in my head like there's some E-lang vat-ness about offering a mix of async and blocking. If some day it was all automagically being configured properly for me dynamically at run-time, that might be cool.

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synchronous/asychronous is automatic

You just call a method on the sequence for operations like filter. The class knows which code to use. And if the code for the operation supports synchronous, then it checks to see if the same reactor/vat is used. If not, it reverts to asynchronous. Synchronous operation only occurs when it is safe to do so, or if the sequence is stateless (has no pre-assigned reactor/vat), e.g. the empty sequence.

See Sequence Actors

So its automatic already. Looking forward to working with you Raoul. :D And thanks for the post.