50 in 50: Steele & Gabriel at RailsConf 2011

50 in 50 is another amusing episode of the Guy Steele and Richard Gabriel show.

Each of them make 50 remarks of 50 words in their alotted 50 minutes. The topic is a fond walk through programming language history, punctuated by awkward pauses. I'm not sure whether it's merely good or really great. Unfortunately only available in flash; the HTML5 trick didn't work for me.

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at their gimmicky best

A very cheesy good talk that displays a deconstruction of the form consistent with Steele's growing-a-language-starting-with-words-of-one-syllable. So, you ask "merely good or really great" and I think it passes as "merely good -- but remarkably consistent and repeatable and therefore great." Similarly wrt the work of that other guy :-)

Actually, I think this is

Actually, I think this is quite an old talk by now, it premiered at HOPL, I saw it at OOPSLA 2006 or 2007. Great art, not very educational :)

Not available in Germany

Thanks to GEMA, the video is not available to users of YouTube in Germany. Is this video available somewhere else? Thanks!