Guidance to avoiding vulnerabilities in programming languages (ISO/IEC 24772)

I don't recall a discussion here on ISO/IEC TR 24772, "Guidance to avoiding vulnerabilities in programming languages through language selection and use." This report describes programming language vulnerabilities in a generic way, and is supported by language specific annexes.

An introduction to this report can be found on page 46 of this issue of the Ada User Journal (how unweb like!). A lengthier discussion can be found in this issue of the same publication.

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ISO/IEC 24772 is off-putting

ISO/IEC 24772 is off-putting as a title for an LtU topic. I'd recommend swapping it for the 'Guidance' line.

I'll not fork over $231 for the ISO document, but a glance through the aforementioned Ada journals is interesting. I'll read those further. Thank you for bringing it up.

:-)Is it ISO you object to,


Is it ISO you object to, or is 24772 the sum of two cubes or something?