Inconsistency Robustness 2011 at Stanford


You might be interested in Inconsistency Robustness 2011 at Stanford. Registration is now open at for the Symposium (

The program will be posted soon.


PS. Please pass the word.

PPS. Please note that there are substantial savings from registering early.

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Authors of accepted papers

The authors of accepted papers are:

* Sam Adams, Doug Kimelman and David Ungar
* Francesco Berto
* Dan Flickinger
* Stefania Fusco and David Olson
* Carl Hewitt
* Eric Jui-Yi Kao
* Jos Lehmann, Alan Bundy and Michael Chan
* Yutaka Matsuno, Jin Nakazawa and Makoto Takeyama
* Fanya Montalvo
* Neil Rubens
* Mike Travers

Invited keynote speakers will be announced soon.

Dr. Hugo Mercier will be one of two invited keynote speakers

Dr. Hugo Mercier will be one of two invited keynote speakers at the Symposium.

Early registration cutoff is tomorrow

The early registration cutoff is tomorrow.

Invited lectures will be presented by Chuck House, Hugo Mercier, Edwina Rissland, and Patrick Suppes.

Details at

Published refereed articles are available

The published refereed articles are available at
Inconsistency Robustness 2011


Symposium website is up

Symposium website is up at


Thank you

These are nice updates, Carl.

Published refereed papers are up on the website.

Published refereed papers are up on the website at

"Inconsistency Robustness: The State of the Art" on Nov. 7

There will be a Stanford Symbolic System Forum on "Inconsistency Robustness: The State of the Art" on Monday, November 7, 2011 in Room 126 of Margaret Jacks Hall.

See announcement here.

International Society for Inconsistency Robustness(TM)

International Society for Inconsistency Robustness(TM) is a new scientific society with website at

The Founding Board of the Society is (affiliations are only for identification):

Mary-Anne Williams, Sydney Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab
Mario Tokoro, Sony CSL
Patrick Suppes, Stanford Philosophy
Martha Russell, Stanford Media X
Jeff Rulifson, Oracle
Carlo Rovelli, Marseille Centre de Physique Theorique de Luminy
Greg Restall, Melbourne Philosophy
Peter Neumann, SRI
Ike Nassi, ex SAP
Hideyuki Nakashima, Future University Hakodate
Fanya S. Montalvo, independent consultant
Annemarie Mol, University of Amsterdam
J.J. Meyer, University of Utrecht
John Law, Open University
Mike Huhns, South Carolina Electrical & Computer Engineering
Chuck House, Cogswell College
Carl Hewitt (chair)
Elihu M. Gerson, Tremont Research Institute
Blaine Garst, ex Apple
Anne Gardner, International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law
Alan Bundy, Endinburgh Informatics
Richard Boland, Case Western Reserve
Gil Alterovitz, MIT EECS and Harvard Medical School