Babel-17 v0.3 is out


a new version of my Babel-17 programming language is available for download at .

The new v0.3 has many improvements and changes over the previous v0.2.1. Among the most important ones are:

- there is a module system now
- you can define your own types, and in tandem with the module system achieve encapsulation and abstraction
- (automatic) type conversion
- unit testing is supported by language features
- there is a new built-in type "real" for floating point interval arithmetic
- the way order is dealt with has changed
- the Netbeans Plugin now supports not only Babel-17 files, but also entire Babel-17 projects


- Steven Obua

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Babel-17 v0.3.1 is out

v0.3.1 adds limited Java interop, but the real goodie is support for lenses.