Here's another interesting project targeting the assembly language of the web...

ClojureScript seeks to address the weak link in the client/embedded application development story by replacing JavaScript with Clojure, a robust, concise and powerful programming language. In its implementation, ClojureScript adopts the strategy of the Google Closure library and compiler, and is able to effectively leverage both tools, gaining a large, production-quality library and whole-program optimization. ClojureScript brings the rich data structure set, functional programming, macros, reader, destructuring, polymorphism constructs, state discipline and many other features of Clojure to every place JavaScript reaches.

Also of interest: Compiling Clojure to Javascript pt. 1 of n.

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This is homepage material.

This is homepage material. Sorry for not posting it there sooner.

There should be a standard

There should be a standard form for explaining why eval gets nuked. This ain't the first or the last time this happens...

This may be the first time

This may be the first time eval gets nuked from a Lisp running in an environment which has eval, though.

Eval_m vs. Eval_o


What does ClojureScript eval

What does ClojureScript eval have to do with JavaScript eval?