ECOOP 2011 slides

The slides from ECOOP keynotes (including Craig Chambers' and Alan Kay's) as well as the summer school talks are now available.

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Unfortunately, is blocked by the great firewall.

Slideshare is a pain

It should also be blocked by common sense. Really, what sense does it make to voluntarily disable the download of a presentation, then force the readers to watch it through the buggy minifying glasses of a Flash presenter?

I don't look at a presentation unless there is a PDF (or possibly PowerPoint or other presentation format) available for download. It's ironic that a computer science presentation is so computer-unfriendly.

Edit: I sent a mail to the ECOOP contact to ask for a "dead file" format. We'll see how it goes.

Don't need to see it...

Easy to summarise - Google's version of LINQ/PLINQ...