Help finding a (working ?) paper revisiting the Meijer-Fokkinga-Patterson classic

I remember reading a (probably unpublished) paper that re-worked the classic Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes, and Barbed wire paper of Meijer, Fokkinga & Patterson, in Haskell. It simply noticed the original paper was notationally heavy,and tried to introduce the (cata|ana|hylo|para|...)morphisms using less symbols (though rarely less concepts), and with systematic code examples. I remember this paper had a single author, and I'm not sure it dealt with further extensions of the squiggol style.

Unfortunately, that's also about all I remember of the paper. Does this ring a bell for someone ? A pointer, maybe ?

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Found it !

Program Calculation Properties of Continuous Algebras

It's kind of going in the opposite direction to what you were asking for, but Fokkinga and Meijer's Program Calculation Properties of Continuous Algebras unpacks the fundamental constructions underlying the bananas paper. It was a big influence on me, and deserves to be better known.