ANN: lingwah - Java parser combinators with support for recursive grammars

Hi All,

I have created a new parser combinator library, available here:
Lingwah is special in that it supports recursive grammars.
Lingwah uses the memoization and 'continuation-passing' techniques described in the paper "Memoization in Top-Down Parsing" by Mark Johnson.

I created this library while writing a parser for ALF (Action Language for Foundational UML).
ALF is a large, highly ambiguous grammar. With lingwah I was able to create a parser for ALF by simply translating the grammar in the ALF specification into lingwah expressions, without refactoring the ALF grammar to remove recursion.

Over the next several months I intend to expand the lingwah library to automatically provide Eclipse IDE tooling for grammars built with Lingwah.

best regards,
-ted stockwell