[ANN] FP Day 2011 - October 14th. Cambridge, UK.

Announcing FP Day 2011 a new 1 day Functional Programming event.

The event covers the practical application of FP in Haskell, F# and Clojure.

Keynote speakers are Simon-Peyton-Jones and Don Syme.

Hands-on beginner sessions available for the above languages.

Booking now open.

FP Day 2011 is organised by Software Acumen and supported by Software East.

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Unfortunately this clashes with the Scala Lift-off in London (http://skillsmatter.com/event/scala/scala-lift-off-london-2011) which perhaps explain why there are no Scala speakers at the event.

RE: Clash!

Sorry about the clash. We wanted to run it in October to fit in between a couple of other events we're running and at the time we booked the venue this seemed like the best date.