Parsing expression grammar

hello everyone

In few days Iam Keep intersting of Parsing expression grammar and I have read and study about it but ineed to full reference for it so if any one could give me name of areferences Iwill be very glad to him

Best wishes

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Read the PEG mailing list archive on

The experts on PEG all post and read there (, discussing results in applying various PEG implementation algorithms. You can also search LtU for "PEG" using Google and the operator.

There's really no shortcut to building your own list of references.



Iwant only to have big reference might include most of things about PEG


I'm writing a series of posts on PEGs

PEGs are trivial to implement in logic languages with memoization such as Mercury. (As in, you can pretty much just transliterate the PEG into Mercury.) I'm writing a series of articles on the subject which you can find here.

An interesting approach

Hi M. :)
This page shares an interesting approach:

In the interest of making this useful

I stumbled upon this old thread, so I thought I would make sure that any readers find their way to Bryan Ford's list of PEG/Packrat references at And of course there is always interesting discussion on LtU using these keywords: