Hans Nowak has a post about Poplog. I've never heard of it and I don't really get what it is, but I figured some here might be interested so I thought I'd mention it.

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Cutting edge interpreters

I enjoyed this line:

yet offers many things that are available in modern languages as well. (For example, years of Python programming has caused me to expect an interactive interpreter, and Poplog has one.)

Yeah, that's cutting edge technology alright. ;-)

Incremental Compiler

Actually poplog provides an incremental compiler rather than an interpreter. The interactive environment is an interface to this compiler.

I currently use poplog quite a lot, in particular the SIM_AGENT cognitive modelling framework which is implemented in pop11. I haven't yet stepped outside of pop11 though. It's an interesting environment for the research I am doing.

Previous discussion about Poplog

A couple of months back, Poplog was a topic of discussion

Damn, should have checked the

Damn, should have checked the archives. I didn't remember it having been mentioned. Sorry.