LazyK example doesn't work

Hello, people.

I have a question about LazyK interpreter. Could you please help me to find out why the standard example of input reverse doesn't work? I've tried original interpreter from it and compiled in my machine one via Visual Studio Windows 7. It displays nothing.

Thanks a lot

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LazyK example doesn't work

...or maybe someone gives me advise where I can get the answer for my question.

Support for toy interpreters usually doesn't exist.

Well, given that it's a toy interpreter written quite some time ago, I'm sure that there isn't a forum specifically for this kind of question.

My best suggestion is to first take a serious crack at it yourself. You could try emailing the author directly, or asking somebody who is familiar with C++ for assistance.

Maybe somebody around here would be generous enough to take a quick peek at it, but I'm certainly not going to speak for anybody in particular.


I'll try to explore it by my self.
Thanks a lot