Candle 0.10 Beta Release - introducing a new object notation

I'm glad to announce the 0.10 beta release of Candle. Candle is an open-source (MPL) scripting language that unifies the core features of many XML-related technologies (including XSLT, XQuery, XQuery Update, RELAX NG, BNF, XHTML, SVG and more). It can be used to rapidly develop command-line, desktop and Internet applications.

This new release introduces a new hierarchical namespace syntax and adds support for a new object notation. You can find out more details from the updated reference documents, as well as my 3 new blogs:

  • Who Needs XML: I talked about the problems of XML as a general data-exchange format, especially when used for structured data.
  • A Markup Notation Better Then Ever: I showed how Candle unifies XML markup data model with OOP object data model, and its advantages comparing to formats like XML, JSON, JavaFX literal object and YAML.
  • The Examples Speak For Themselves: I showed how Candle Markup can effectively express different kinds of structured data, like iCanlendar Record, SVG, MathML, DOT graph language, POV-Ray SDL, and Lua configuration.

Scripting wise, Candle now supports anonymous function. The put statement has been changed to use static variable name - thanks to people from LtU who feedback on this issue. And several routines, including now(), today() and random() have been split into a functional version and a procedural version.

I'd like to hear your feedback.

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Thanks for helping to post the link

Thanks for helping to post the blog link. I forgot to add the links in the original announcement.