Abstraction Driven (MDA++)

From the paper:

In the proposed approach, abstraction-driven design, the core of the development approach is built around the rapid creation of reusable design decisions, referred to abstractions in accordance to the terminology used by the designers of the approach.
The approach is supported with tools integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio, and once the developers are familiar with the tools, the homogeneity of applications built with the approach is high. Furthermore, since one of the core parts of the tools include automatic code generation, even the abstractions themselves can be modified as the development progresses and more and more knowledge about the problem being solved accumulates to them.

The tools have been noted on the MSDN VisualStudio T4 blog.

Ok that probably doesn't sound all that exciting -- I think they have had trouble getting the idea of what is magically new and cool about it across to people (if you are on the Software Craftsmanship list you'll have seen that). But it sounds like a worthwhile advancement on from MDD of yore. (Note that I think the tools are intended to be more portable than just MSFT VS, but that's where they started.)

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I have no idea what this

I have no idea what this paper is about. There is a lot of text dedicated to what to me sounds like abstract nonsense, but it lacks a concrete description. For example, what does the tool they talk about do? Where is a concrete example scenario with code?

They are speaking SE, not

They are speaking SE, not PL, its reasonable that we don't understand them. Perhaps someone with a good understanding of SE and MDA could translate.

Even SE might barf

SE folks barfed about it on the Craftsmanship list. Probably the blog is better, sorry I didn't make that first. But even with those, most people react that it is just MDA again. Yet the claim is that it is a little bit better, enough that it is worthwhile. I'm hoping to get time to install it all and play with it since I'm skeptical but hoping there's something therein.