Elm cross-platform functional-reactive

As seen on the haXe list, Elm:

Elm is a type-safe functional language that compiles to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is also my senior thesis.
My goal is to make web development easier and more pleasant, and I decided to start from scratch. I hope that we will someday think of HTML/CSS/JS the same way we currently think of assembly (i.e. not for people).
Elm's major distinguishing features are support for reactive programming and its focus on visual presentation. Elm is also call-by-value and strongly / statically typed with type inference, so those of you already familiar with Haskell or ML should be quite comfortable.
Elm is very much a work in progress, so more examples and language features are on the way!

Comes with an interactive visual editor.

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Link typo

You wrote "hre" instead of "href" in your haXe link. I would be interested in a link to the mailing-list discussion archive rather than the main page (or additionally), as I suppose feedback from the haXe community could be interesting. I'm not sure how much the haXe community at large is interested in language design, but Nicolas Canasse is an interesting person.


fixed it.

the post was meant more about elm than haxe.

anyway so far some of the haxe list folks have tried it and said "it is slow". :-)