and free to a good home.

"In category theory, the concept of catamorphism (from Greek: κατά = downwards or according to; μορφή = form or shape) denotes the unique homomorphism from an initial algebra into some other algebra. The concept has been applied to functional programming as folds.”

“In computer science, and in particular functional programming, a hylomorphism is a recursive function, corresponding to the composition of an anamorphism (which first builds a set of results; also known as 'unfolding') and a catamorphism (which then folds these results into a final return value). Fusion of these two recursive computations into a single recursive pattern then avoids building the intermediate data structure. This is a particular form of the optimizing program transformation techniques collectively known as deforestation.”

For a year or so, I have been squatting on and (My thought at the time was to use them for a book I was thinking of writing, and as a bonus they wouldn’t get grabbed by some scummy domain name arbitrageur). I’m joining the throngs heading for the exits, and it seems like a good time to consider putting either or both of these domains to good use. So:

If you or someone you know could do something interesting with either or both of these domains, I would be pleased to transfer them. No compensation is required. It could be for a book about programming as I originally envisaged, a commercial venture like a startup, redirect to video lectures, anything at all, really. I would be delighted if it's something that gratifies one's "intellectual curiosity.”

Please mention this discussion or my blog post to folks who might have an interesting idea to suggest. Thanks in advance!