[Meta] Are we Reddit?

At other times and other places I've had fun bashing C++. It's an easy target. But if personal opinions and sarcasm are all we're going to get out of LtU then we might as well close shop and move to Reddit.

In reading through the comments on that post I see nothing at all of what I would like to see from LtU. There's no insight into the problem space, no pointers to papers solving similar problems, not cogent critiques of the approach taken or conclusion reached in the original video or paper.

I think we can do better than that. I think we must. The Internet doesn't need anther Reddit. It needs at least one Lambda the Ultimate.

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ten four. i think some

ten four. i think some snarkiness was called for. and i think people learn a lot from it, especially if they are not in the in-crowd. but when the discussion starts being about the puns, we are in danger of jumping the shark :-)

Well, reddit's moderation

Well, reddit's moderation and karma system would help deal with the noise. Then setup guidelines similar to Hackernews (e.g., circlejerking and content-free should be heavily downvoted by the community). We've discussed this before though.

signal to noise

I still see a huge difference in signal-to-noise ratio between here there. Sure, LtU gets off-topic or flame-y here and there, but for the most part I still anticipate something useful in the user response. Reddit is the other way around-- I've seen some pretty good insight posted on occasion, but that's not what I expect when I open a thread.

I guess my spin would be that shenanigans are going to happen anywhere, but we should indeed discourage its commonality here.

Given how many of us have

Given how many of us have been burned by C++ in the past, it is quite difficult discuss C++ in a dispassionate unemotional way. We can talk more about the language as users rather than implementers.

However, if it was kept at a discussion about C++ concepts, I don't think I would have bothered commenting, I'm definitely happy to ignore C++ as long as I don't have to go near it. Its just when the argument turned to whether C++ was successful or still a viable language for PL advancement...then it makes sense to jump in. There are some huge things going on with C++ right now with this goingnative stuff, and I think our voices definitely needs to be heard.

Reddit can have intelligent conversations, too...

This conversation on reddit contains some very practical and intelligent discourse related to the topic at hand (not perfect in this regard - there will always be some amount of noise given the audience reach and the varied user demographics.)

It can happen!