PLT humor on Twitter

Twitter has become a hotbed for PLT humor.

Currently known accounts are:

If you know of any others let us know in the comments. Or create one your own! It's fun. :-)

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Full disclosure

In keeping with the standards of LtU Manuel should reveal all affiliations with said accounts. ;)

Well, let me just say I'm

Well, let me just say I'm not behind all of them. :)

full disclosure

Given James Iry's own history of dabbling in this genre, it is only fair to ask him to disclose his affiliation with any of the above accounts.


PLT Žižek ‏ (Note to

PLT Žižek ‏

(Note to self: what is with Smalltalkers and little children?)

That's hard.

Otherwise, it's too bad that those are just faux tweets.