Lang.NEXT 2012 - Session Videos Coming Online

Lang.NEXT, a cross-industry conference on programming language design and implementation, was held on Apr 2-4, 2012. The focus of the event is sharing mutual inspiration and novel ideas in programming language design and implementation in both industry and academia.

List of speakers:

Martin Odersky (keynote, Scala)
Walter Bright (D)
Peter Alvaro (Bloom)
Andrei Alexandrescu (D)
Stefan Karpinski (Julia)
Jeff Bezanson (Julia)
Kunle Olukotun (Scala, Pervasive Parllelism)
John Cook (R)
Andy Moran (Haskell)
Robert Griesemer (Go)
Gilad Bracha (Dart)
Kim Bruce (Grace)
Andrew Black (Grace)
Jeroen Frijters (IKVM.NET)
Herb Sutter (C++11)
Andy Gordon (Machine Learning)
Luke Hoban (ES 6)
Dustin Campbell (Roslyn)
Mads Torgersen (C# Async)
Donna Malayeri (F# 3.0)
Martyn Lovell (WinRT)

All session videos (or all-1, perhaps) will be available here: Currently live sessions (and keynote) are:

Keynote - Martin Odersky: Reflection and Compilers ->

John Rose: Java 8 ->

Jeroen Frijters: IKVM.NET: Building a Java VM on the .NET Framework ->

Andrew Black and Kim Bruce: Teaching with Grace ->

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Will the talks be available online?

That is all.


Great question. I'll add this to the post.


All sessions will be filmed and made available on Channel 9 (in multiple file formats, as usual...).



Front page

I nominate for the front page

Sure. If it wasn't such a

Sure. If it wasn't such a long message. I'll point to it.


I wasn't aware of message length restrictions. This was text from the email we sent out to some folks early on. I thought repurposing it as-is was appropriate. Now I know... :)

Thanks for posting a link on the home page, regardless!

It was appropriate; just too

It was appropriate; just too long for the home page.

Videos are coming on line...