Looking for DSLs for research project

I am about to start a project in the field of partial evaluation and I will be looking into generating compiler generators for DSLs. However, I'm having some trouble coming up with and finding interesting DSLs to use in the project. I would like to ask if anyone knows of some interesting (not necessarily Turing complete) DSLs. I will have to develop quite a bit of software to construct the compiler generator for the DSL, so, I'm looking for languages that preferably have a simple syntax and semantics and/or have readily available parsers / tools written in C.

Thanks in advance!

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perhaps MELT as a DSL?

DSLs have a quite fuzzy definition. For instance, at the DSL11 conference there have been many incompatible definitions of DSL (including perhaps weird macro syntax or packages for existing programming languages, like Haskell, and full-turing complete language aimed at a narrow, domain specific, task).

And partial evaluation can fit into any programming language, including many DSLs. For a student project, you could work on simple things like tiny subset of Scheme.

However, if you want a real complex DSL to which adding a partial evaluator could be very useful, I dare propose looking into MELT on http://gcc-melt.org/

MELT is a high-level domain specific language (with a lispy syntax, translated into C) to extend the GCC compiler, and adding partial evaluation into it would be extremely useful.

Feel free to ask me more : basile@starynkevitch.net or to subscribe to gcc-melt googlegroup.