Pythonect 0.2.0 Release

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the release of Pythonect 0.2.0, available from

This version fixes several bugs and adds a couple of new features.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed bug reports and feedback that went into this release!

What's New in Pythonect 0.2?

Core and builtins

- Feature #8: Implemented Autoloading. For example:

"Hello, world" -> sys.stdout.write

is equivalent to:

import sys -> "Hello, world" -> sys.stdout.write

- Feature #7: Python built-in dictionary as a switch statement. For example:

1 -> {1: 'One', 2: 'Two'} -> print

will print:


- Issue #6: Interpreter prints Strings without quotes

- Issue #5: Interpreter lags when pressing Enter key multiple times


- Issue #4: Pythonect reports incorrect version if installed via pip/sdist.