DanFest 2004 - in honor of Dan Friedman

On December 3rd and 4th, 2004, the Computer Science Department at Indiana University hosted a conference to celebrate Daniel P. Friedman's 60th birthday. The DanFest web page has the program, links to some of the papers, and photos.

Dan Friedman, of course, is a CS professor at Indiana and an influential programming language researcher and teacher, best known to a wider audience as the lead author of EOPL, used in many PL courses. Who do you get to speak at a conference in honor of the author of a book so famous it is recognizable by its acronym? Why, the authors of the other famous acronymized books in the same field, of course, such as SICP, HTDP, and TSPL.

The keynote address, "Dan Friedman: Cool Ideas", was delivered by Guy Steele, and the star-studded program included authors of the above books, and many previous students of Friedman's. An article in the Indiana student newspaper provides some of Friedman's perspective on the event.

The speaker list also included a couple of (semi-)regular LtU'ers, Oleg Kiselyov and Kevin Millikin (did I miss anyone?) My thanks to Oleg for prompting me to post this.

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The keynote

I sure wish that keynote was available online somewhere.

DanFest Keynote

The keynote was as good as you would expect a Guy Steele talk to be (is that praise? It's corecursive).

Guy had mined the archives of some double digit IU tech reports for instances of Dan's work that had influenced him and Jerry Sussman, Dan's work that had been influenced by MIT, and times when they had independently worked on the same problem.

He also drew a connection between Dan and B.F. Skinner (via the Little books).

For fun, see how many people you can recognize in the group photo.

Your wish is granted!

Guy's keynote is now online, along with almost every other talk from DanFest.

In addition to watching the talks online, you can download the videos to your computer and watch them at a higher resolution with Google Video Player.



Not so fast

The Steele keynote isn't available. You can only watch a 6 minute(!) introduction to the keynote.