Pythonect 0.3 released

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the release of Pythonect 0.3.0, available from

This version fixes several bugs and adds some important features.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed bug reports and feedback that went into this release!

What's New in Pythonect 0.3?

Core and builtins

- Feature #13: Improved print function. For example:

print "My favorite number is" + ": " + str(73)

- Feature #15: Implemented Stateful Interpreter. For example:

_ -> print "My favorite number is: " + str(_)

- Feature #17: Remote procedure URL can be an expression. For example:

fcn_73@"xmlrpc://localhost" + ":8000"


fcn_73@"xmlrpc://localhost:" + str(8000)

Are both equivalent to:


- Feature #18: Implemented Multiprocessing. For example:

"Hello, world" -> print &

Will print "Hello, world" in a new process

- Feature #20: Backslash can be used to join two or more physical lines into a logical line. For example:

print 7\

will print:


- Feature #22: Implemented None as pseudo remote protocol / URL. For example:




Are both equivalent to:


- Issue #14: Print does not act as a pass-through statement

- Issue #16: TypeError Exceptions are not been displayed

- Issue #19: Autloading is not working in a statement

- Issue #21: Preprocessor breaks on a List with a String that contains comma


- Issue #12: No newline at the end of (PEP8)

Itzik Kotler

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The syntax is quite

The syntax is quite strange:

print "My favorite number is" + ": " + str(73)

what is the priority of function application?

Re: The syntax is quite

Thanks for the feedback. This specific example is a Python expression.
Python evaluates expressions from left to right. Notice that while evaluating an assignment, the right-hand side is evaluated before the left-hand side.