Emerging Languages Camp at Strange Loop

Just a note that while the Strange Conference is sold out, tickets for the colocated 1 day Emerging Languages Camp are available.

Date: Sept 23rd, 9:30 am - 6 pm, St. Louis, MO
Register: $150 (includes lunch)


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Clever, Classless or Free?

shen.clj uses 750 LOC of Clojure to bootstrap Shen via “K Lambda”, the small Lisp Mark designed for porting Shen. Shen itself is a portable version of Qi, which is tied to Common Lisp. This is hence a story of 3-4 Lisps.

Enumerable.java uses ~13k LOC to port a single module of Ruby, while adding Lambdas to Java 5 via a 2-4k LOC Java macro written using ASM, the bytecode toolkit. This is mainly a story of stubbornness and wishful thinking.

I plan to discuss the similarities, the drawbacks, and ultimate futility of both approaches to properly advance programming.

I'm curious.

Jeff Hawkins @ Numenta

The neocortex works on principles that are fundamentally different than traditional computers. In this talk I will describe recent advances in understanding these principles and their impact on future computer architectures. The talk will start with a description of sparse distributed representations, which are the fundamental units of information in brains. I will then discuss how these representations are learned and how the brain processes them to build predictive models from high velocity sensory data streams. Numenta has built a streaming analytics engine based on these principles. I will give a brief introduction to this product and speculate on the future of machine intelligence.

I am curious too... But this is one continent too far away.